Dedicated to:
812 Competizione A
  • Exterior bodywork in glossy Rosso Bagedo 3CT FYM.*0382.
  • Historic livery that opens up around the front bumper and grill, then developing into 2 stripes from the Ferrari badge, painted in Oro FYM.*138364.
  • TDF racing wheels painted in Oro Opaco to match the livery.
  • Rear prancing horse in matt black finish.
  • Interior upholstered in Nero Alcantara, with racing seats featuring the square-pattern design.
  • Scuderia Shield silhouette embroidered on the headrests in Oro 1130 thread.
  • Livery painted on the steering wheel to match the exterior stripe, in Oro FYM.*138364.
  • Italian tricolore detail painted on the carbon fibre central dashboard element.
  • Glossy carbon fibre sill kicks customized with the Atelier logo, painted in Argento Nurburgring and middle line in Oro FYM.*138364.