Dedicated to:
SF90 Spider
  • Exterior paintwork in matt Giallo Sirius, FYM. 64008861, with bicolour roof in matt Nero DS 1250.
  • Longitudinal stripe in matt Canna di Fucile, from the front to rear bonnet.
  • Italian tricolore detail on front carbon fibre spoiler.
  • Outline of racing number in FXX-K font painted in matt Canna di Fucile on the door panels.
  • Rear prancing horse and Ferrari badge in satin silver finish.
  • Horizontal Daytona inserts on the carbon fibre racing seats done in pelle Gialla.
  • Racing number embroidered on the headrest in Giallo 7766 thread.
  • Constrasting stitching in Giallo 7766 thead.
  • Italian flag painted on the carbon fibre dashboard central element.
  • Glossy carbon fibre steering wheel with Italian livery painted on the upper arch.
  • Dreamlines on outer edge of F1 racing paddles in glossy Giallo Sirius.
  • Personalized dedication plate with the Atelier logo.