Dedicated to: GTC4 Lusso
  • Cocoa Bean color finish – Dark brown.
  • Front spoiler, front bumper mouth, white sill cover, side air intake flaps, rear speaker, lower part of mirrors and door triangle in matte cast-iron gray.
  • Rims painted in cast-iron gray.
  • Siena leather interior.
  • Central front and rear seats, central door panel insert, front and rear armrest, front part of front and rear headrest, front and rear headrest side insert and upper diagonal insert on seat backs in Kwadrat Umani fabric.
  • Seats with Siena leather inserts in the central part.
  • Bottom of door panels in Siena leather.
  • Upper door panels in black leather.
  • Speaker grilles matched to surrounding material.
  • Aluminum interior parts with matte cast-iron gray finish.
  • Black leather steering wheel with leather covered LEDs.
  • Montecarlo Sit Walnut fabric carpet overlays with Kwadrat fabric piping.
  • Trunk in Siena leather with movable carpets in Montecarlo Sit Walnut carpet and piping in Kwadrat fabric.
  • Tailor made Ferrari logo embossed onto the middle part between the rear seats.
Dedicated to: GTC4 Lusso

Fine textiles and leathers embellish this GTC4Lusso, bestowing classic and timeless elegance.