Dedicated to: GTC4 Lusso
  • Glossy navy-blue finish.
  • Forged rims painted in Canna da Fucile matte finish.
  • Interior in chestnut colored furniture upholstery leather.
  • Navy blue Alcantara interior carpets.
  • Navy blue Alcantara floor mats with chestnut leather trim.
  • Navy blue Alcantara trunk carpets.
  • Trunk sides in chestnut leather.
  • Back of rear seats in chestnut leather, with navy blue Alcantara on the sides of the central flap.
  • Chestnut leather tunnel with upper arrow in brown cashmere matched to the leather.
  • Pip2 in Sterling blue leather with cashmere inserts on the side of the headrest and on the side of the leg shield.
  • Sterling blue painted tunnel side trim.
  • Sterling blue leather dashboard with cashmere dome.
  • Grilles and plastic parts matched to the leather.
Dedicated to: GTC4 Lusso

A tribute to elegance and luxury, this personalization highlights the refined nature of the vehicle’s contours with perfectly paired colors and materials.