Dedicated to: Portofino
  • Polished aluminum color finish.
  • Dreamline on front bumper and front hood in America blue color.
  • Airbrushed shields on the fenders.
  • Inserts on the side panels of the seats, on the back sides of the rear seats, on the lower part of the dashboard in Alcantara Posh Green.
  • Interior in blue Kwadrat Field fabric.
  • Carioca leather upper tunnel arrow.
  • Scuderia Ferrari shield sewn on the headrest instead of the horse.
  • Carpets in black Apollo Bright.
  • Black Apollo Bright carpet overlays with black leather piping and black stitching.
  • Viewfinder on upper arc of steering wheel in glossy Modena yellow.
Dedicated to: Portofino

This Portofino displays several extremely precise design choices, aimed at highlighting the sporty nature of the vehicle. The sleek aluminum colored finish of the exterior enhances the technical design of the contours. Whilst the interiors feature a technical textile with a markedly textured feel, with bright yellow accents on the edging and on the shield insert on the headrest.