Dedicated to: Monza SP2
  • Tailor Made vehicle.
  • Paint vehicle bodywork in matte Verde Masoni (5-10 gloss) paint code FYM.*0064 (64059131).
  • Livery stripe same as LM04, painted in matte Nero DS (5-10 gloss) paint code 229511, with outer pinstripes (6 mm) in matte Giallo Modena paint code 205200, as shown in images.
  • Livery PNL2 in matte Giallo Modena (5-10 gloss) paint code 205200, see images.
  • Wheels with matte Nero DS paint finish.
  • Signatures of 12-cylinder assembly line team in silver on carbon fibre engine compartment.Interior (area INTC) in Jeans Aunde Nero, see images.
  • Inserts on lateral seat bolsters in yellow leather, see image.
  • STC1 tone-on-tone stitching: in 4000 black thread on black Alcantara and Jeans Aunde Nero, in 0113 yellow thread on yellow leather.
  • Stitching in 0113 yellow thread on steering wheel.
  • Complete Ferrari shields embroidered on headrests instead of Cavallino emblems, see image.
  • Black leather steering wheel with grips in black multilayer Alcantara.
  • Overmats in black Alcantara with front insert in Jeans Aunde Nero, edge binding in yellow leather and stitching and logo in 0113 yellow thread.
  • Carbon kickplate with Tailor Made logo in Argento Nurburgring and pinstripe in Giallo Modena, see image.
  • Dedication plaque in carbon with Tailor Made logo in Argento Nurburgring, pinstripe in Giallo Modena and “desert storm” in Giallo Modena in Brush Script MT font, see image.
Dedicated to: Monza SP2

This car has been personalised with distinct character, with the unique matte Verde Masoni chosen for the bodywork accentuated by unexpected accents in Giallo Modena in perfect contrast with the sporting spirit of the interior in Jeans Aunde Nero.