Dedicated to: Roma
  • Exterior paintwork in bianco motomi, paint code fym.*0248.
  • Forged wheels with matte canna di fucile paint finish.
  • Upholstery in colorsphere Frau 248 iris leather.
  • Centre panels of seat cushion and backrest with untextured design in masai 772 Kvadrat fabric.
  • Passenger compartment (area pip7) in Frau 248 iris colorsphere leather.
  • Cldt inserts in yellow 1100 316 cordura fabric.
  • Grab handle on lower part of dashboard in matching colour with adjacent trim.
  • Tone-on-tone stitching as follows: in blue 825 thread on iris leather and in black 4000 thread on black leather and alcantara.
  • Embroidered cavallino emblems on headrests in yellow 7766 thread.
  • Overmats in black alcantara with edge binding in black leather, lateral insert in Frau 248 iris colorsphere leather, tone-on-tone stitching and embroidered logo in yellow 7766 thread.
  • Gloss carbon kickplate with “Tailor Made” logo and “Ispirazioni” in bianco Motomi and pinstripe in giallo Modena.
  • Gloss carbon dedication plaque with “Tailor Made” logo and “Inspired by blue hues and modern textures” in gloss bianco transitional and pinstripe in giallo Modena.
Dedicated to: Roma

A vehicle which reinterprets a lifestyle centred on carefree joie-de-vivre in an original, contemporary key, where the Bianco Motomi exterior paint finish is complemented by the bold tones of the Frau Iris Colorsphere leather used for the interior trim accented by inserts in yellow cordura fabric.