Dedicated to: 812 GTS
  • Exterior paintwork in blu flugplaz, paint code fym.*0349.
  • Livery stripe as shown in images, with french tricolour (use bianco white, paint code 64044730, for white stripe).
  • Livery stripe applied to front bumper, front lid, roof, centre part of tonneau cover and rear lid up to third brake light. see images.
  • Racing roundels on doors in bianco white and number 171 in nero ds.
  • Rims ball-peen polished wheels (same as tdf).
  • Chrome tailpipe tips.
  • Front bumper aperture painted in matte black instead of grigio Silverstone.
  • Interior (intc area) in Connolly vm846 luxan leather.
  • Comfort seats with vertical ribbing (large and rounded).
  • Cldt in Connolly vm846 luxan leather, except for centre strip on upper part of dashboard, which is in standard black leather.
  • No cldt on seats.
  • Ludp in black leather with lower part of door panels in Connolly vm846 luxan leather.
  • Centre console in Connolly vm846 luxan leather with front part of centre console and base panels in black leather.
  • Tone-on-tone stitching: in black 4000 thread on black parts, in beige 7903 thread on Connolly leather and in beige 3723 thread on tapioca ultrasuede.
  • Embroidered cavallino emblems on headrests in beige 7903 thread.
  • Mats in automotive ultrasuede tp1 tapioca, with diamond pattern stitching in underdoor zone, see images.
  • Overmats in rubber-backed nera astico leather with edge binding and lateral insert in connolly vm846 luxan leather and vehicle logo embroidered in beige 7903 thread.
  • Carbon kickplate with gloss nero ds paint finish with “Tailor Made” logo and “Ispirazioni” in gloss bianco white and french tricolour pinstripe.
  • Dedication plaque in silver with “Tailor Made” logo and “inspired by the 1956 Ferrari 250 gt berlinetta competizione ‘tdf’” in gloss black and french tricolour pinstripe.
Dedicated to: 812 GTS

An unofficial name which, nonetheless, has been elevated to legendary status through continuous use by motorsports enthusiasts: “TdF”, standing for Tour de France, the gruelling French race won by the 250 GT Berlinetta competizione in 1956. this car was the inspiration for the livery stripe replicating the french tricolour flag over the paintwork in Blu Flugplaz, the official colour of French motorsports in the 1950s, while completing the look is the regal elegance of the interior trim in Connolly Luxan leather.