Dedicated to: Roma
  • Tailor Made vehicle.
  • Paint vehicle bodywork in Bianco Motomi paint code FYM.*0248.
  • Forged wheels with matte Canna di Fucile paint finish.
  • Interior in Frau 248 Iris Colorsphere leather.
  • Centre part of cushion and backrest with plain design in Kvadrat Masai 772 fabric, see image.
  • Passenger compartment (PIP7 area) in Frau 248 Iris Colorsphere leather, see image.
  • CLDT inserts in yellow 1100 316 cordura fabric.
  • Grab handle on lower part of dashboard in matching colour with adjacent trim.
  • Tone-on-tone stitching as follows: in blue 825 thread on Iris leather and in black 4000 thread on black leather and Alcantara.
  • Embroidered cavallino emblems on headrests in yellow 7766 thread.
  • Overmats in black Alcantara with edge binding in black leather, lateral insert in Frau 248 Iris Colorsphere leather, tone-on-tone stitching and embroidered logo in yellow 7766 thread.
  • Gloss carbon kickplate with Tailor Made logo and “Ispirazioni” in Bianco Motomi and pinstripe in Giallo Modena.
  • Gloss carbon dedication plaque with Tailor Made logo and “Inspired by blue hues and modern textures” in gloss Bianco Transitional and pinstripe in Giallo Modena.
Dedicated to: Roma

The unexpected contrast between the gloss white of the exterior and a vividly coloured interior predominated by bright blue and yellow and a contemporary juxtaposition of Sphere Frau leather against Kvadrat Masai fabric, projects this unique car into a future of speed and visual dynamism while retaining the elegance of the past.