Dedicated to: SF90 Spider
  • Tailor Made vehicle.
  • Paint vehicle bodywork in Turchese Dry paint code fym.*0288.
  • Livery stripe in Bianco King paint code fym. *0015 with 4 cm broad inner outline in Arancio Vaguely Nob paint code fym.*0128, as shown in images. The livery is applied to the front lid, front fender, upper part of the door panel, rear fender and rear spoiler. See images.
  • Interior trim (zone INTC) in Colour Sphere SC 0 Polare leather.
  • Lower part of dashboard in Colour Sphere SC 0 Polare leather.
  • Racing sears with special Tailor Made design in Colour Sphere SC 0 Polare leather with inserts in lateral panels of cushion and backrest in black trefoil pattern Superfabric and inner insert in Elmosoft Blue 07075 leather, as shown in images.
  • CLDT insert on seats in Elmosoft Blue 07075 leather. No CLDT on headrest.
  • INTC inserts on door panel and rear bulkhead in black Alcantara.
  • Grab handles on door panels Colour Sphere SC 0 Polare leather.
  • Handle on glove compartment painted in colour matched with Colour Sphere SC 0 Polare leather.
  • Tone-on-tone stitching: in white 2000 thread on areas in Colour Sphere SC 0 Polare leather, in 1318 thread on Elmosoft Blue 07075 leather and in black 4000 thread on black areas.
  • Embroidered Cavallino emblems in orange 449 thread.
  • Gloss black carbon fibre kickplate with Tailor Made logo and “Specially Crafted with Ferrari” in Bianco King and pinstripe in Arancio Vaguely Nob.
Dedicated to: SF90 Spider

The words “Specially crafted with Ferrari” encapsulate an expectation and a responsibility for quality, innovation and creativity, and this car is the perfect expression of these values. The brilliant colours of the exterior finish accentuate the sporty and vivacious character of the car, while in the cabin, inserts in Frau Polare and Elmosoft Blue leather are a testimony to attention to detail and the quality of the materials chosen.