Dedicated to: 812 Competizione
  • Tailor Made vehicle.
  • French Tricolour stripe painted in Bianco Bianco paint code 64044730, Blu Livrea Francese paint code 30001329 and Rosso Livrea Francese paint code fym*0025, as shown in images.
  • The livery stripe starts from the Ferrari badge on the front bumper, continues on the front lid, roof, roof spoiler and tonneau cover and terminates on the rear lid.
  • Racing roundels painted in Bianco Bianco on doors with number 171 in gloss Nero DS paint code 205500.
  • Front bumper intake surround painted in matte Nero DS (as are all other exterior plastic trim details, which are matte black as standard).
  • Wheels with shot-peened effect.
  • Interior trim (zone INTC) in SC – 124 Mandarino leather.
  • Racing seats in SC – 124 Mandarino leather with slender inserts on side bolsters in black leather, contrasting stitching and embroidered Cavallino emblems on headrests in black 4000 thread.
  • CLDT inserts in SC – 124 Mandarino leather, with exception of insert on lower part of dashboard, which is in black leather.
  • Grips on steering wheel in black multilayer Alcantara.
  • Gloss finish French Tricolour band on upper rim of steering wheel (use Bianco Bianco). See image
  • Contrasting STC1 stitching: in black 4000 thread on SC – 124 Mandarino leather, in orange 450 thread on black leather.
  • Standard centre tunnel base panel in black Alcantara.
  • A/C air vent bezels in SC – 124 Mandarino leather.
  • Vehicle mats in black trefoil pattern Superfabric.
  • Black overmats (in standard black carpet) with edge binding and lateral insert in SC – 124 Mandarino leather with contrasting stitching and logo in black 4000 thread.
  • Gloss black carbon fibre kickplate with Tailor Made Ferrari logo in Bianco Bianco and French Tricolour pinstripe (use Bianco Bianco). See image.
  • Dedication plaque in gloss black carbon with Tailor Made logo in Bianco Bianco, French Tricolour pinstripe (use Bianco Bianco) and “Inspired by the 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione ‘TDF’ “in Bianco Bianco. See image.
Dedicated to: 812 Competizione

The inscription “Inspired by the 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Competizione ‘TdF’” conjures images of the iconic winner of that year’s edition of the Tour de France, whose spirit lives on in the style and details of this 812 Competizione. The French Tricolour livery stripe and the number 171 emblazoned on the doors are the most evident references to this heritage. Alongside these cues, a distinctly contemporary character is also boldly expressed by racing seats in SC-124 Mandarino leather with lateral inserts in black leather and stitching, including the iconic Cavallino Rampante emblems embroidered on the headrests, in black thread.