Dedicated to: 812 Competizione
  • Tailor Made vehicle.
  • Tricolour livery stripe in matte Blu Bandiera Francese (5-10 gloss) paint code 30001329, matte Bianco King (5-10 gloss) paint code 20058236 and matte Rosso 70 Anni (5-10 gloss) paint code 205110 starting from front bumper, continuing on front lid, roof, roof spoiler and rear lid, and terminating at matte black area between the tail lights. See images.
  • Seats with special Tailor Made design in electric blue Alcantara, with three technical stitching details on seat cushion and backrest in the zone where these two elements meet
  • Insert on seat side bolsters in Cordura Pro 844.
  • Horizontal part of rear bench in Cordura Pro 844 with luggage restraint straps in electric blue Alcantara.
  • CLDT inserts: zones 1 and 5 in standard black leather, zones 2, 3 and 4 in electric blue Alcantara. No CLDT on seats.
  • Centre tunnel and pockets on door panels in electric blue Alcantara.
  • French Tricolour livery band on steering wheel in gloss Blu Bandiera Francese, gloss Bianco King and gloss Rosso 70 Anni. See image.
  • French Tricolour stitching on steering wheel in red 504 thread, white 2000 thread and blue 816 thread. See image.
  • STC1 stitching: tone-on-tone in black 4000 thread on parts in black leather and black Alcantara, blu 816 thread on parts in electric blue Alcantara and grey 340 thread on parts in Cordura Pro 844.
  • Embroidered Cavallino emblems on headrests in grey 340 thread.
  • Mats in Cordura Pro 844.
  • Knee pad inserts on centre tunnel in Cordura Pro 844.
  • Extinguisher cover in Cordura Pro 844.
  • Metal flooring footrests in diamond plate pattern aluminium.
  • Kickplate with Tailor Made logo and inscription “Specially Crafted for Marnie & Scott Oshry” in gloss Argento Nurburgring and pinstripe in Rosso 70 Anni. See image.
  • Signatures of production team in silver marker pen on carbon rear parcel shelf.
Dedicated to: 812 Competizione

The looks of this car express an unequivocal determination to win. The French Tricolour encompassing this 812 Competizione pays homage to Ferrari’s momentous victory at the 1953 French Grand Prix, an event also commemorated by the inscription “70 anni” in matte red. The elegant and sporty matte Bianco King of the exterior is contrasted to perfection by the electric blue of the Alcantara seats, the visual energy of which is further accentuated by other details in electric blue on the centre tunnel and door panels.