Dedicated to: 296 GTB
  • Tailor Made vehicle.
  • Livery painted in gloss Blu Flugplatz paint code FYM.*0349.
  • Livery begins at the front main air intake, continues longitudinally over the front bumper, front lid, roof and rear lid, and terminates in the tail fascia of the vehicle.
  • Livery omitted on plastic trim between tail lights, see image.
  • The interior as described below.
  • Racing seats with Tailor Made design in Red Jeans Aunde fabric, with narrow, flat ribbing and tone-on-tone stitching in red 0504 thread.
  • No CLDT on seats.
  • Ferrari Scudetto Scuderia silhouette embroidered on seat headrests in red 0504 thread, see image.
  • Stitching STC1 in red 0504 thread, including stitching around cockpit zone.
  • Stitching on parts in black Apollo fabric in black 4000 thread, see image.
  • 27 mm wide livery stripe on upper rim of steering wheel in gloss Rosso Corsa, see image.
  • Mats, including inserts on tunnel, in black Apollo Bright L4 fabric, see image.
  • Overmats in black Apollo Bright L4 fabric, tone-on-tone stitching in black 4000 thread.
  • Logo is deleted.
  • All parts trimmed in black Alcantara as standard are trimmed in black leather (lower part of dashboard, door panel inserts, upper part of centre tunnel).
  • No Alcantara in cabin.
  • Dedication plaque in gloss black finish carbon with Tailor Made logo and inscription “Inspired by 250 LM” in gloss Argento Nurburgring, and tricolour pinstripe, see image.
  • Gloss carbon finish kickplate with Ferrari badge, see image.
Dedicated to: 296 GTB

The vibrant spirit of 1960s motorsports lives on in this Tailor Made car inspired by the Ferrari 250 LM. The livery painted in gloss Blu Flugplatz draped over the nose, cabin roof and tail emphases the car’s sinuous forms. In the interior, Tailor Made attention to detail is underscored by elements such as the red stitching used on the steering wheel and throughout the cockpit, and, of course, the tone-on-tone stitching on the racing seats in Red Jeans Aunde fabric / red technical fabric. Adding an extra special touch to the interior is black leather used on parts normally in Alcantara, such as the lower part of the dashboard, the door panel inserts and the upper part of the centre tunnel. Mats and overmats in black Apollo Bright L4 fabric/black technical fabric lend intensity to the elegant sportiness of the ambience. The dedication plaque in gloss finish carbon with the inscription “Inspired by 250 LM” in Argento Nurburgring is a finishing touch which forges an indelible link between this car and Ferrari’s glorious history.